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PIC16F8Xwin is a simulation program for visualizing assembly code files in Intel HEX format for PIC controllers PIC16F8x family such as PIC16F84, PIC16F876, PIC16F877, PIC16F887, etc..

This HEX files can be created using any assembly program. With PIC16F8Xwin you can open these files, disassemble, and the effect of each command as command cycle (instruction fetch decode execute ... ...) or command-step example is shown. You always have an overview of all internal registers, internal RAM, EEPROM, and ports. In the cycle-wise command processing, the data transport in the controller are displayed graphically. The simulation speed is adjustable.

PIC16F8Xwin simulates the full instruction set, including counters, timers and interrupt commands. The contents of special function registers are displayed clearly. At the ports you can connect I / O devices such as switches, LEDs, traffic lights, etc.as simulated models.

PIC16F8Xwin should be used between the phases "assembly" and "to the target system download" as test program development tool. It provides a deeper insight into the workings of a controller, as in most development environments (IDE) debugger included.

PIC16F8Xwin requires no hardware for simulation, but it allows, with the integrated download function, to transmit the HEX file into your target system.



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